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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Count MacCormack and the Marcroft Wagon Works

Here are all (or maybe only some of) the workforce of the Marcroft Wagon Works in Radstock circa 1930. We have the names of all the men, but why they are holding a board with 'Count MacCormack' on it is a mystery. A little Googling reveals that Count MacCormack was an Irish tenor who was immensely popular in the middle of the 20th Century, a predecessor of, and mentor to, the great Josef Locke.

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Anonymous said...

The man in the middle of the front row in this photograph holding the sigh was my grandfather. I remember my father telling me that he (my grandfather)was a great fan of Count MacCormack (I'd never heard of him) and was always singing and whitling his songs - hence the workers at Marcrofts nicknamed him Count MacCormack. I know my father mentioned that a photograph had been taken of him and his workmates sat with the sign - this is probably the one.